Haydock Finance pledges to help SMEs in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic


Lea Lawrence



National UK SME funder, Haydock Finance, has announced a support fund to help SMEs hit by the knock-on effects of the coronavirus crisis. As a member of the SME Finance Charter, Haydock understands the significant impact this situation could bring to British business and would like to support SMEs though these difficult trading times.

To help SME cashflow, the support fund will focus on offering refinance, to new and existing customers, on their unencumbered (free of finance) assets thus releasing essential cash back into the business.

Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Taylor said “Haydock will also refinance assets which are already on HP or Lease agreements which may allow the customer to not only release cash but also reduce monthly cashflow commitments. Restructuring existing debt and using more flexible initial payment terms could be an attractive option for anyone with concerns over cashflow with the current pandemic. A customer does not necessarily need unencumbered assets to benefit from a Haydock refinance facility.”

Haydock will offer this refinance product to new and existing customers and facilitate it via their nationwide broker channel. Please contact your existing broker with your requirements or alternatively please contact Haydock direct on 01254 685850 and they will put you in touch with one of their approved local brokers to assess the options and set up the funding. Haydock are also working with existing customers where they are experiencing some difficulty with meeting current agreements.

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