Haydock Finance One Of The First Finance Lenders to Become a Signatory

Haydock Finance are one of the first finance lenders to become a signatory of the Government’s Business Finance Council’s (BFC) SME Finance Charter and have made commitments under five key headings to support our SME customers through Brexit.

Haydock Finance Pledges:

1. We’re open for business and ready to lend.

We specialise in providing asset finance to a diverse range of SMEs. With 40 years heritage, we have stood strong to support our customers through the tough times and the good. We are proud to deliver flexible, tailored finance solutions and dedicated customer support.

This year we have invested heavily in our infrastructure, funding capabilities and people, enabling us to support a record level of SMEs.

2. We’ll help you prepare for Brexit and beyond.

Over recent years, the number of SMEs in the UK has represented phenomenal growth and we believe these businesses can continue to prosper. To support this resilience through Brexit and beyond, our funding policy has not been changed, with no plans to adjust them in the future.

We provide a range of funding options to support a variety of activities including hard asset purchases and refinancing to raise capital.

3. We’ll support your application and signpost other options if needed.

We understand that the finance needs of SMEs are changing. Our vast industry knowledge, expertise and attitude to funding means that we work hard to find a way to meet the needs of every client. At Haydock we are renowned for finding a cost-effective solution to what may have seemed impossible.

4. We’ll treat you fairly at all times.

We are committed to providing customers with consistent, quality service and support. This is what sets us apart. Our assessment process is fair and transparent plus we evaluate the pricing for each transaction, ensuring our rate always reflects the deal profile.

5. We’ll work with the government-owned British Business Bank to support SMEs.

We have worked closely with the British Business Bank to introduce the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme via our brokers and customers. This scheme enables us to provide more of our customers with innovative funding solutions to support their growth and ambition.