Haydock Announces New Stock Finance Division


Lea Lawrence



Haydock Finance has continued its ambitious growth plans with the launch of a new Stock Finance division. Over the last 12 to 18 months Haydock has been considering various new markets. After extensive research and planning, the team identified that stock finance has many synergies with Haydock’s core business of SME funding. Stock Finance, stocking or inventory finance is a cost effective way for vendors and dealers to purchase assets such as cars, vans and trucks for their forecourt, enabling them to improve stock levels and maximise on sales.

Joining Haydock Stock Finance is Simon Bryant, who previously led stock finance divisions at Lombard, BNP Paribas and Macquarie. Simon will work alongside newly appointed Karen Mouattwho will take the position of Operations Manager. Karen also has extensive experience and joins Haydock’s new division having headed the Lombard stocking operations team.

Karen comments, “I am delighted and very excited to not only be joining Haydock Finance but to be offered this amazing opportunity to be included in a team at the beginning of such a unique project.”

Simon says, “I am delighted to be joining Haydock at a time when they are continuing to expand and post record new business numbers even through the current situation. With dealer cashflow such a priority, I am looking forward to creating a market leading stock finance offering, bringing further liquidity to the sector from a new entrant, but one which has a rich history of supporting clients in the good times and the bad.”

 Andy Taylor, Haydock Sales Director, comments, “At Haydock we want to increase market share not only in our core business but also other sectors that have synergies with what we do, supporting SME’s. Stock Finance is a clear choice for us to help with our growth plans. We have recruited two new colleagues with a wealth of experience in this area to look after our sales and operations.  We wish both Karen and Simon a very warm welcome to Haydock and our new office in Redhill, specifically set up for the Stock Finance team. I am very proud and happy that Haydock continues to grow carefully and in a structured manner in these difficult economic times.”

Over the next couple of months, Karen and Simon will be working closely with Andy and the Haydock team to build and develop the Stock Finance proposition. 

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