Haydock Finance Reveals Brand Refresh


Lea Lawrence



Haydock Finance has announced a refresh of its core brand elements.  Reflecting the growth and evolution of Haydock as an award winning provider of asset finance solutions, the rebrand includes a modern logo design and new illustration creative. The logo has been simplified but retains the blue and grey colours to preserve the brand’s heritage of 41 years. Continuing an illustrative theme, the new creative has been designed to symbolise Haydock’s broad asset landscape and positioning to provide “A World of Difference” in asset finance solutions and customer service.    

Lea Lawrence, Marketing Manager of Haydock, comments, “The brand refresh conveys the growth and continuing evolution of our business.  This rebrand follows Haydock’s 40th anniversary and after honouring our long history, we felt the timing was right to move forward with a refreshed look and strong value message.”

John Jenkins, CEO of Haydock, said, “Now feels like the right time to acknowledge the evolution of Haydock over the past few years. The new design and imagery reflects our ever expanding appetite and approach to the market, whilst still being very recognisable and so continuing to underline everything we believe Haydock stands for – our adaptability, our service and a willingness to work with our brokers and customers.”

A World of Difference

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